This Tool will search a given Reddit or Twitter account for content that might be relevant to the LGBT+ community in both positive and negative ways.
This tool does not save any data it collects which means that it can take up to 45 seconds to collect all the required data for accounts with tons of activity on them.
If you find any problems, please report them to me by opening a Github Issue.
The current version of this Website is v0.3.5, you can see the changelog here.


The evaluation of Reddit accounts takes a total of 662 factors into account!
These factors are a mix of participation in specific subreddits and the use of keywords and slurs.
It looks at Posts and Comments with a upper limit of 1000 Posts and 1000 Comments that can be taken into account.

LGBT+: Content that is positivly associated with the inclusive LGBT+ community.
Red Flag: Content containing one ore more of these: slurs, far right wring rhetoric, exclusive LGBT+ rhethoric.
Related: Content that is likely relevant to LGBT+ but not decisive positive or negative.

You can access a list of all used flags for Reddit scraping here.